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Diabetic Supplies

We are your One Stop Diabetic Shop! We have a wide assortment of Glucose Monitors, testing strips, lancets, pen needles, insulin, control solution, sugar free candy, glucose tablets and custom shoes/inserts and socks.

We take care of your Medicare billing electronically and do yearly requests to your physician for those diabetic supplies covered by Medicare for fast and convenient refills.

At Four Way Pharmacy, we offer a great selection of diabetic footwear from Dr. Comfort. These quality shoes look great, improve your comfort level and protect your health. Plus, Medicare (Part B) will cover 80% of the cost of 1 pair of Extra Depth Shoes with three pairs of heat-moldable inserts, or three pair of custom fabricated inserts.

We also offer Dr. Comfort Diabetic Socks. These socks are made from Nano Bamboo Charcoal Fiber, which promotes good blood circulation and increases Anion production (very good for physical health.)These socks also help increase comfort and help regulate skin temperature.

How do I get Dr. Comfort Shoes?

Please call Four Way Pharmacy to make an appointment with one of our certified Dr. Comfort footwear specialists. Our phone number is (276)988-6000.

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